Awarded a United Arts 2023 Individual Artist Grant

United Arts of Central Florida 

In June my grant proposal, called “St Cloud Lakefront Outdoor Landscape Paintings”, to United Arts of Central Florida was accepted! Thank you so much United Arts for your support! Getting this grant is great news for me for more reasons than I will list, but for starters: A big local arts organization considers me, the artist, good enough for the grant. For me that’s a great validation of my artwork which was part of the submittal process. The award will also look good on my CV. On top of that they give me money to do something I love to do. Paint plein air paintings!

By the way, United Arts is home of, and Orlando Arts magazine. As I understood it some 25 artists were selected as recipients for their “Individual Artist Grant” and I am very happy to be one of them. The grant supports artists monetarily for art to be competed by the end of the year.  All artist’s who submitted proposals via a grant form had to show, among other things, how their art project would promote the arts to the public in the Central Florida area (four counties).