Roland Cruse, artist, painter

My creative interests right now are painting landscapes, abstracts, some still life and some figurative drawing. Always learning. Open to experimentation. Keeping in mind to move away from what doesn’t work and what does not interest me. 


Winning first prize at a student art show, Miami Dade Community College (south campus), planted the seed that I might one day be an “artist”. In the ensuing the years, in between “real jobs”,  I tried to make money with my art. I had a studio at Miami’s BakeHouse Complex. I drew portraits and caricatures using conte crayon and pastels at Miami’s Bayside Market Place. I was in a couple local street art shows selling, trying to sell, abstract paintings.  

Later I lived in Spain and again drew portraits and caricatures. This time as a side line for customers in my bar “Chispas” in Costa Teguise Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, a part of Spain. I stuck them to the walls of the bar, which proved to be a good attraction and kept me drawing. I also worked the hotels selling caricatures and portraits to visiting tourists. Interestingly, sketching on front of crowds of people increased greatly my powers of concentration. When not drawing and waiting for customers I created my “Doodles 2000“.

I moved on and using my “new” concentration powers taught myself Linux, an open source computer operating system and from there web development. Putting together applications and websites, making them work, satisfied my creative drive. I stayed away from the “subjective” visual design side of things and was more interested in making things work than how they looked. Eventually I moved back to the States.

Having always dreamed of being an oil painter. I decided to give creating art another go in the beginning of 2021. I started oil painting landscapes and abstracts, read books and signed up for a few art courses at the Crealde School of Art in Orlando and created this website to show and sell my work. 

The following year, 2022 I became a “Fellow” (Fellowship Program),  in the Painting and Drawing program at Crealde and continued to take painting courses. The school has been a great resource on many levels.  Courses for starters. Being around other like minded people. Working side by side others while creating has been very fulfilling. Sharing ideas. Many of the teachers are working artists and are always helpful. The grounds are full of sculptures with some water features and is next to a small lake. All very relaxing. 

In 2023 I became a “Studio Artist” (Studio Artists Program) continuing my commitment to become a working artist.