Plein Air Painting at Nehrling Gardens Owl Prowl Art Event Oct. 2023


Nehrling Gardensin Gotha, west of Orlando, had an art event in October, 2023, called Owl Prowl, Art and Wander, it may be a yearly thing, where art work is auctioned with a percentage of the sale goes to benefit the gardens. My work was accepted for auction plus I was accepted to be one of the five artists to paint live during the event.  

The “gardens” are a shady dense jungle of mostly native trees and shrubbery and some bamboo of different sizes. A historic two story wood house stands on high ground which slopes down to a small lake. I had painted there before and enjoy the jungle feel.

Besides auctioning art, with a ticket, patrons can walk the grounds where food and drink is served by local businesses, plus the five artists are there painting for anyone to approach. Near me was a very popular showing of rescued owls, by their keepers.  

I painted a 12 x 16 inch linen panel a view looking down toward a grassy lakefront. The main focus of the composition is this sun drenched grassy area at the lakeshore edge beyond a bamboo arch pathway. A mulch path with a bench on the left and large trees on the right lead the viewer to this arch and beyond. The painting was painted completely on site during the event. I am happy with the composition and the feeling of light.

See the product post for this painting.