St Cloud Lakefront Paintings Project

The Project in a Nutshell


Paint outdoors, plein air, anywhere along the two mile Lakefront Park from July to November creating a number of paintings and have an exhibit on January 12th  2024 at the Marina Banquet Hall, 1104 Lakeshore Blvd 34769, above Crabby Bill’s restaurant in St. Cloud. 

Painting outdoors in a popular public space gives lots of validity to art and it’s creation as people can see it being created in real time by someone nearby.  I think this idea filled the most important requirement of the grant. Having an exhibit of the created works I think is a nice finish for these paintings. People can come and see works they may have seen me paint. Sort of completing a circle if you like. The venue for the exhibit has not been decided. I will update the website and send an email blast to subscribers on my list. You will find my subscription page on the top of any web page on this site.

This means I will be setting up my easel and painting what I see. My biggest concern is parking close enough to where I want to paint.  I will most likely paint mornings though I am interested in painting late afternoon and sunsets. I am happy for people to approach for a quick conversation. I can pass my business card or flyer if they are interested. I am excited to see what art I create. Of course I have ideas of what my paintings will look like but I like to follow my nose and discover new visual ideas as I work. For me this is where the rubber meets the road creating something physically tangible. No matter what visions I may have in my mind what really counts is what everyone else can see, on canvas for example.

Lakefront Park has a lot of subject matter for painting: Water, sky, people, a marina, the sidewalk, two points leading out on the lake, a beach. Lot’s to choose from. Traditionally I have painted landscapes with few buildings, if any. With this project I will continue doing those and I would also like to add people and architecture into the pieces I will create.

A big thanks goes to United Arts of Central Florida for providing me a grant for this project and the City of St. Cloud which let me use their venue space in the marina, creating and supplying brochures and posters for the exhibit and promoting the exhibit on their social media.

Mailing List, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Website, Patreon...oh my

With the start of this project I am setting up social media accounts for promotion. I would rather be painting but you have to put yourself out there for people to find you. When I am painting on location I will have QR codes displayed so people can access my Internet resources with their mobile phones. You will find these resources, Instagram, Patreon etc, on the bottom of every page of this website. I will also have business cards and a small flyer for people who show an interest. Here is a run down of what I plan to use each resource for, note it’s early days for my YouTube and Patreon channels:
  • This website
    • Regularly upload created work which will appear on the map location page, the lakefront gallery page and on a page of it’s own. Also the subscription page for my mailing list is there.
  • Twitter
    • I plan to tweet my location before I start a painting, incase followers nearby want to come around and have a look, and tweet when I am done. If I think the painting  is worthy I will include that in the tweet.
  • Instagram
    • Upload paintings
  • YouTube
    • Upload videos
  • Patreon
    • Upload videos

Tri-fold Flyer for Project

Second Iteration Trifold Brochure for 2023 Landscape Painting Project

Inside of Tri-fold Flyer

Second Iteration Trifold Brochure for 2023 Landscape Painting Project