St. Cloud 2023 Lakefront Paintings Project Exhibit

January 12th, 2024, 5 to 8 p.m.
Marina Banquet Hall,
1104 Lakeshore Blvd 34769 St. Cloud FL

Scarecrow Plein Air Painter

It was an impressive exhibit. If I do say so myself. Nicely displayed in a very large space that was not made for displaying artwork. Just over 30 pieces of framed artwork with sizes ranging from 6×12, 8×10, 12×16, 16×20, and one 18×24. The final cut from almost double that amount from paintings I did for the project. Also displayed was my Lakefront Project banner, a map pin pointing where I painted each painting and a photo of said painting  and a scarecrow of myself complete with easel, umbrella, my usual painting clothes and a self portrait painted on canvas under my broad brimmed hat. 

Clever use of a moving wall made of sliding panels not only helped to break up the very large venue space but doubled for hanging artwork on both panel sides and complying with the “no holes in walls” policy for the venue. The artwork hung from fishing line grommeted to homemade hooks attached to the tops of the moving panels. A big thanks goes to Shawn Price St. Clouds Special Events Manager who gave the green light for me to use the panels and for coming up with a couple dozen easels to display my artwork. Otherwise I would have had to come up with some free standing panels to display the art. Not only did the City of St. Cloud let me use their premier venue space for free but Price also produced flyers and posters, at no cost to me, for me to distribute and promoted the event on the City’s social media.
More big thanks goes out to fellow artist Susana Youngsteadt and my son Daniel for their help in setting up the exhibit. We had only five hours to get everything up. The fishing line took the longest, very tedious. Daniel put together the food and Susana helped curate, hang, and sell posters downstairs in the restaurant foyer since selling anything in the venue space was not allowed.
I was very happy that a few dozen people came to the exhibit. Some people I knew from meeting while I painted for the project on the Lakefront. Quite a few were interested in purchasing pieces and were putting on their calendars to come see my booth at the upcoming Winter Park Art Festival in March when I would be selling.  A few of my artist’s friends from Orlando made the long trek down to St. Cloud. Vera Gubnitskaia and her husband Lee and Dennis Hood.

Exhibit Slide Show

Sliding panel walls doubled as gallery wall space.
A big thanks to Shawn Price, St. Clouds Special Events Manager, who supplied the display easels.
Over thirty framed paintings were exhibited with sizes ranging from 6x12, 8x10, 12x16, 16x20, and one 18x24 which was made into the official poster.
A scarecrow of artist Roland Cruse including all his painting kit is on display
Artist Roland Cruse posing next to his effigy. Near by is a poster showing map locations of all the paintings in the exhibit and their corresponding photo.
Indispensable helpers.
Roland Cruse posing in front of store front displaying a poster for the exhibit.
Poster in store front created by City of St. Cloud
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Gallery of all Paintings Exhibited

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