St. Cloud Holiday Festival, Promoting the Lakefront Painting Project

Roland Cruse standing in front of his booth promoting his Lakefront Painting Project at the St Cloud Holiday Festival in Dec 2023

December 2nd – 3rd, 2023, I had a booth at the St. Cloud FL Holiday Festival to promote my Lakefront Painting Project. The first time, after many years, I’ve presented myself as an artist in a street festival. Hopefully the first of many. (Once upon a time I did caricatures and portraits on the street.) Doing this festival was good way to get my head into the whole festival business model. Instead of trying to sell my work at a “craft” show a friend had the good idea to do live painting promoting my Lakefront Painting Project and it’s upcoming exhibit January 12th 2024. I wore the same clothes I use to paint in when I am painting outdoors at St. Cloud’s Lakefront Park and, as I  hoped and expected, many people recognized me as the same artist.

On display I had:

  • Framed samples hanging of some of my Lakefront Plein Air (outdoor) paintings.
  • A map and index of photos of many of the paintings and the locations they were painted. The same idea behind my locations map web page. This got a lot of interest as it gave a good reality to the scope of the project. 
  • Copies of my CURIOUS SAWFISH coloring book.
  • Copies of the Official St Cloud Lakefront Painting Project posters.
  •  A tri-fold brochure and double sided flyer advertising the Jan. 12th exhibit and “house portrait” painting of which I got a commission and a customer happy with the painting.
  • When not talking with people I painted live an 18 x 24 inch canvas of a smaller (12 x 16) outdoor piece of a sail boat I painted in the marina. 

I enjoyed myself, it was a victory. It was nice to have so many people interested in my project. I was able to sell all three of the products on offer: posters, coloring books, and house portraits. It was a good way to get ready for my next festival which will be the Winter Park Art Festival March 15th – 17th, 2024 where I was accepted as an emerging artist and I will be selling all my work on display at low “emerging artist” prices.