Exhibiting at the Winter Park Art Festival March 2024

Winter Park Art Festival Logo

Winter Park Art Festival accepted my submittal as an emerging artist for the March 2024 event. I am very happy about that. The Festival is said, by some, to be one of the biggest and important in the country. Bringing some 250,000 visitors.  It is a great start to my commitment to sell at Art Festivals. Where I can meet my collectors directly, get to know them and them me. I am also looking forward to meeting other artists. I will be one of three “EA”s, see the gallery photo on this page for my location. Booth EA3. Very close to the corner of Park Ave and Morse Blvd . My understanding is there were 35 applicants for this opportunity. 

For me it is a wonderful opportunity and the Emerging Artist Program takes away a lot of hurtles. I just need to supply the art. The programs supplies the tent, booth, food, and logging (if needed). Fantastic. As an EA my work will not be judged for any awards, seems reasonable to me.  

The gallery on this page shows the artwork I submitted for the EA program.