"Titleless" Doodles 2000

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My "Titleless" Doodles 2000

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Notebooks containing doodles
Notebooks storing the doodles in plastic sleeves.

In the year 2000 while waiting for customers as a portrait and caricature artist I did these doodles using a technical pen. I drew close to two hundred. Using the same toothless white paper for my portraiture and caricature work the doodles were much smaller in size, anywhere from three to five inches.  The easy flow of the pen on the smooth paper engaged my imagination as the pen made its mark.  With no preconceived notion of a subject until that first mark I followed my imagination, reoccurring motifs and occasional inspiration. Each was drawn in a single session with no editing. Many are “face” based, many are in an imaginary landscape or place, some floral, some figural and some…who knows. Many play with perspective and place.

Give it a Title or Not

I felt, and still feel, the Doodles should not be titled.  Part of my “Doodle Paradigm” was to steer away from drawing anything too representational. I wanted to keep the viewer guessing as to what they saw when looking at the Doodle. I felt titling them would influence what they saw, defeating my idea that the pieces were for the viewer to figure out.  Case and point: “What ever you do, don’t think of a ‘red banana'”. Are you thinking of a “red banana” now? 

Experiment: You Give the Doodle a Title

I am provisionally titling the Doodles with “Roland_Cruse_Fine_Artist_Doodle_2000_n” where “n” will be a sequential number for uniqueness. 

Via the page where the Doodle is displayed please submit your title. I have no idea how or where this experiment will end up. 

Confession. Because of the large number of Doodles, there will be over a hundred in time, I have grouped them with descriptive names for viewing convenience via the pager. The top of this page. Please don’t let that influence you on your title name. :-)