“Queen Duck” acrylic collage accepted in Juried OMA Platform Event

Queen Duck

Orlando Museum of Art Premiere Platform Artist Showcase July 28, 2023 My doodle inspired  “Queen Duck”  acrylic collage was accepted to be exhibited at OMA’s juried second “Platform” event on July 29, 2023. I am happy to say my “Muted Peach” was an excepted entry for the first Platform event in March 2023. OMA Platform […]

Roland Cruse at his First Solo Show

Roland Cruse: Light & Color Original Plein Air (Outdoor) Paintings April 7-8, 2023 at FAVO Orlando FL An exhibit of oil paintings done on location outdoors in Central Florida. Over twenty oil landscape paintings representing color and light mounted in wide frames of gold or silver. Each one unique in it’s composition and color feel. […]

OMA Platform Accepted Painting

Roland’s “Muted Peach” Painting in the Juried OMA Platform Event Orlando Museum of Art Premiere Platform Artist Showcase March 31, 2023 My abstract painting “Muted Peach” was accepted and shown at OMA’s juried first “Platform” event on March 31, 2023. Muted Peach is a piece from my series of abstract paintings called “Line & Color“. […]